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Identify High Risk Behaviors

Changes are natural as kids grow and mature. However, some changes in behavior may be signs of the use of alcohol or marijuana, or the misuse of prescription drugs or other drugs. If you notice some of the following changes with your child, it's a good opportunity to start a conversation.


Feelings of stress or added stress

Lack of energy, change in attitude

Persistent or intense about going out with friends

Grades dropping


Sleeping in extra late

Feeling ill after spending time with friends

Bloodshot eyes or dilated pupils

Change in speech

Household Items Missing


Prescription medication


Money from your wallet

Social Life

Not checking in with you

Frequently attending parties

Breaking curfew

Hanging out with new friends and not letting you meet them

Discussing alcohol or drug use on social media

Personal Items


Eye drops

Breath mints & mint tins or other small containers

Pipes or electronic inhalation devices

Interest in apparel that promotes alcohol or drug use

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Now's a good time to talk.

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