Talking with your child's provider about Prescription Medications

Kent MacLennan of Rise Above Colorado and concerned parent Michele Conklin talk about the Speak Now! Colorado campaign's new focus on talking with your child's health care providers about prescription pain relievers on CW 2 Colorado's Best.

Speak Now! Campaign Featured in Colorado Community Media

Colorado Community Media featured the Speak Now! campaign, sharing tips from Dr. Rob Valuck about how to talk to your children about drugs and alcohol, as well as why it is important to do so.

The article was published in the following CCM publications: Northglenn-Thornton Sentinel, Castle Pines News Press, Centennial Citizen, Douglas County News-Press, Elbert County News, Englewood Herald, Golden Transcript, Highlands Ranch Herald, Littleton Independent, Lone Tree Voice, Parker Chronicle.

Douglas County Youth Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition, Pediatrician Talk Peer Pressure on Channel 2

Steven Martinez with the Douglas County Youth Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition, Dr. Alfie Meister, a pediatrician with Rocky Mountain Youth Clinics and a mom, talked with Channel 2 anchors about how we can protect our kids when it comes to drugs and alcohol and give them tools against peer pressure.

Dr. Rob Valuck Discusses High-Risk Youth Behaviors on KUSA

In an interview with Denise Plante, Channel 9/KUSA-TV, Dr. Robert Valuck, PhD, professor at CU School of Pharmacy, and Emily Schrader, a mom and substance abuse counselor, discuss the importance of talking with your children early and often about alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs and other drugs during high risk times for youth such as graduation and prom season.

Dr. Rob Valuck on KUSA

Dr. Rob Valuck, professor at CU School of Pharmacy, explains how parents should talk with their kids about alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs and other drugs on Channel 9/KUSA-TV. For information and resources for parents and caregivers regarding youth substance abuse prevention, visit the Speak Now Colorado website:

KWGN/Channel 2 interview

On September 21, 2016 during the 4pm news, Kim Posey from KWGN/Channel 2 interviewed Emily Schrader, a counselor, and Dr. Christian Thurstone, Director of Addiction Services at Denver Health, on the topic of talking early and often with your children about alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs and other drugs. Schrader and Thurstone provided useful tips for parents, such as how to ask open-ended questions, and also stressed the importance of providing a positive, supportive environment for kids to talk with their parents.

KCEC/Univision Interview

On September 6, 2016, during the 5pm news, Iván Carrillo from KCEC/Univision interviewed Nohemi Burciaga, Family Programs Coordinator at Aurora Community Connection Family Resource Center, and Nohemí Ojendiz, a parent of two children. Burciaga discussed the importance of starting a conversation about alcohol, prescription drugs, and marijuana with your children, and Ojendiz provided a real-world perspective from a parent.

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