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Speak Now, Here’s How

One of the best ways to help kids avoid issues with alcohol and drugs is to talk with them. While it’s never too early to start talking with kids about this topic, the types of conversations you’re having will change as your child grows. Get some helpful information on starting and continuing these important conversations with your kids…

Age 9-13

Set the tone. Start an open dialog about the use of alcohol and marijuana, and the misuse of prescription drugs and other drugs during the preteen years so your child will feel comfortable discussing these topics as they grow older.

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Age 14-17

The chances of encountering alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs and other drugs increase dramatically in high school. Be prepared, so you know the right thing to say at the right time.

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Age 18-20

You’re not done being a parent. And your child’s needs as they enter adulthood can be very unique. Continue to guide them through life’s challenges with your wisdom.

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