Other parents
Obtain the phone numbers of your child’s friends and their parents so you can reach out to them. Get to know the parents of your teen’s friends – and their views on alcohol, marijuana, prescription medications, and other drugs. While they might have different rules for their own children, make it clear what your rules are for your child.

Their friends and other peers
Know who your teen hangs out with, and what they do together. If you suspect a negative influence, limit the time your teen spends with those people. Look for ways to get your teen involved in activities that will occupy their time rather than “just hanging out” with friends.

Older siblings
Remind older siblings they serve as important role models. If they are 21 or older, encourage them to not expose younger siblings to alcohol or other types of drugs.

Teens may consider an aunt or uncle to be “cool” – often because they don’t have to set or enforce rules for your teen. Make sure relatives know your rules and expectations for your teen, and uphold them.

Community leaders
Enlist teachers, coaches and clergy who are around your child on a regular basis. They can help reinforce your rules regarding alcohol and drugs.