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Discussing alcohol and drugs with kids is much easier when you feel informed. Your answers to this quiz will help you explore this site and guide you to the information you need to start talking with your children.

Alcohol, Drugs & Brain Development
Identify High Risk Behaviors
Know the Law

Please make sure you have selected an answer for all five questions.
  1. What can regular alcohol and drug use do to a young person’s brain?
  2. Which of the following could be a potential sign that a young person is using alcohol or drugs?
  3. What kind of legal punishments do you think exist for any person younger than age 21 caught with or suspected of consuming alcohol or marijuana?
  4. If you used alcohol or drugs as a young person, which of the following responses is recommended if your child asks you about your past use?
  5. What steps do you feel you could confidently take if you believed your child was consuming alcohol or drugs?

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